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Dear Student's

Welcomes to HINDUSTAN DEFENCE ACADEMY at Sikar; To ensure your success in NDA, AIR-FORCE, Navy, ARMY, CDS, CPO, AFCAT, OTA etc.

Leaders do something differently but winner do things which are strategically different and positively which give them competitive advantage. It is our main mantra of success.

Hindustan Defence Academy help student to get respected job in defence sector at young age.

On behalf of all staff and professors of this esteemed organization, I welcome all of the newly enrolled cadets. The name and fame of this Institution for its unique method of teaching and training has spread out all over the state and I am sure, you and your parents must feel proud of your achievement.

We maintain high standard of discipline, Character, moral values and physical fitness of students with a view to build up the basic career of an officer in the active services of defence. It is pertinent to add that it would certainly lay an exemplary foot print to allow by their future incumbents.

We provide adequate training and result oriented coaching by a group of trained instructors and expert professors so that the students remain physically fit and maintain an amicable balance between academic syllabus and strategic method of training. The mission works to build up the career of young students in a constructive to achieve the career.